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Welcome and thank you for visiting my photo gallery. My name is Melissa Ambers and I live in the Winchester area.

I offer a wide variety of photography services including children, family, senior, wedding, pets, and candid shots at your special occasions. I am also available for hire to photograph your special sporting event or your favorite athlete.

Any image you view can be purchased directly from this website in a variety of sizes and other merchandise at anytime. If you would perfer, you can place your order directly with me.

Feel free to contact me at And I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Please leave any comments that you may have. I enjoy the feed back.

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Handley High School Sports 2013-2014

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Daniel Morgan Middle School Sports 2013-2014

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Senior Portraits 2014

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Senior Portraits 2012-2013

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Natures Beauty

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Handley High School Sports 2011-2012

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